3plet is a new age of enjoying music

Do you remember the times, when you were rushing to a nearest music store to buy that freshly released album of an artist you love?

When other ways of listening you favorite music except getting an album were just non existent. In the age of internet and abundance of free music and easy reach of anything you like, the value of it seem to vanish a lot, as well as that feeling of keeping the disk, or vinyl in your collection. When anytime you can open the booklet, read the texts, see the photos it all seemed so cool.


So the 3plet has the same piece of energy and feeling in it. Its the new shape of album release, where in one electronic booklet you can have it all! The songs, the photos, the texts, the stories behind each song, the videos and the links — all in one 3plet which you can easily download on you smarphone or tablet and have it with you.

Снимок экрана 2015-06-16 в 14.52.29

So check out The Best of Dasha Luks 3plet album:



Enjoy and keep the faith!


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